Monday, September 21, 2015

American Men and the USA Astrological Chart

The astrological chart of the USA indicates that American men have a very unfavorable position in comparison to women.
In her book, "Sex and the Outer Planets", Barbara H. Watters states:"The situation of men in the United States is much less favorable. The rising Mars (male sex principle) is square Neptune in the 5th house of love and children. Neptune is a symbol of entrapment and subversion. Afflicting Mars, itslowly, subtly vitiates and distorts the ancient principle of male dominance through sexual aggression. Mars in Gemini falls in its 3rd house Sign, where it is much more powerful as an intellectual than a physical force.As a significator, Neptune symbolized impotence and emasculation. It is at its absolute worst in the Sign Virgo,where it has the effect of creating doubts of  potency,vague fears of castration, and-if afflicting Mars-a psychological denial of the values of any frank, honest,expression has always extolled Martian masculine values in everything except sex. The Martian energy is everywhere visible, but it is expressed through values which are substitutes for sex:,violence,rebellion,lawlessness,the rape of the environment, war, heroism,pioneering on new frontiers; and,because it is in Gemini, science,engineering,and controversy over ideas.-------The other masculine principle is the Sun, symbol of the male ego and authority. In the US chart it is in the 3rd house of daily affairs,communications, and mental processes. It is in the Sign Cancer, symbol of the home, cherishing care, and the nourishing female breast. It is quite obvious that, for American males, the breast is a more exciting sex symbol than any other part of the female anatomy.The 3rd house is not a powerful position for the Sun nor is the Sign Cancer, for here the Moon disposes of it and overshadows it with romantic,sentimental lunar values. The square of our Sun to Saturn makes it difficult for the American ego to break the bondage to ancient repressive moral codes so that it can express itself in its own unique way without strong feelings of guilt.But this square also continually presents us with problems which can only be resolved by doing just that." 1.
With regard to the status of women in the USA, the situation is much better than men.
Quoting from the same book:
"In the United States chart, the Moon falls in the 10th house of power, in the rights conscious Sign Aquarius. It is trine Mars (the male sex principle) and trine Saturn. It disposes of the four planets in Cancer, which makes it the most powerful planet in the map. It is in its own 8th house Sign (sex and the operation of hidden power from below the surface). It has no serious afflictions from either inner or outer planets. On the contrary:  it is disposed of by the powerful rising Uranus (revolution, crisis,reform), which is also without afflictions. Venus falls in the 2nd house of money and resources, conjunction Jupiter, the code maker, and it is also without affliction." 2.
End of quotes.Thus, men in the USA, according to a astrological interpretation of the astrological chart of the USA, are in a very disadvantageous position to women in the USA.
I agree with the aforementioned astrological interpretation made by Ms. Barbara H. Watters in her book, "Sex and the Other Planets".
"UPDATE" The progressions of the USA chart, as of today's date  (9-20-2015)are: Sun 10 Pis 56; Moon 24 Sco 49; Mercury 20 Aqu 06 R;Venus 25 Ari 42; Mars 18 Lib 12 R; Jupiter 15 Can 20 R;Saturn 03 Sco 07 R;Uranus 07 Gem 04; Neptune 26 Virgo 08 R; Pluto 00 Aqu 07; Asc 03 Vir 23; MC 00 Ari 00 Further Progressed Data of the USA chart:Sun  in Pisces in the progressed USA chart implies men and manly men in the USA are now in a subservient and weak position in American society as would be expected in the Matriarchy that the USA has become.
Mars in Libra, also, implies that men in the USA have been feminized.Venus in Aries in the progressed USA implies both that women in the USA have been masculinized while men have been feminized. Jupiter in Cancer implies that women in the USA have high social, cultural, political, legal, and economic status. Jupiter in Cancer is square Mars in Libra indicating that women in the USA, in comparison to men, have an unjustly high socio-cultural-political-legal-economic status. Sun in Pisces square Uranus in Gemini also indicate that men's subordinate position in American society is quite unusual.