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Masculinity in Decline

"Gary Cross, a Penn State University Historian, wonders: " Where have all the men gone?" His book, "Men to Boys: The Making of Modern Immaturity", argues that "the culture of the boy-men today is less a life stage than a lifestyle." " 1. "No wonder that Men of foreign countries routinely laugh at the effeminate nature of American Men who have been degraded out of fear, obedience, and the shame of being Men from our Women, who have made us feel guilty for just being men. Metrosexual Men have become de rigeur,and flagrant homosexuality and feminine behavior in heterosexual Men is welcome, nourished,safe, and politically correct in American society and in the eyes of the law. Manly behavior is not."2.
Iben Thranholm , a lady, wrote an article entitled: "Europe's Men Are Too Feminine and Can't Defend Their Women from 'Rapefugees" in the Russia Insider. The following is a partial quote from the same:

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"A recent survey conducted by the Pew Research Centre shows that the number of young men in the US who want to marry has dropped to the lowest level ever recorded.
American author Suzanne Venker claims that the pervasive cultural influence of feminism is the cause. Venker states that men explain their lack of desire to marry with the observation that "women are no longer women"; feminism has programmed women to see men as the enemy. As a result, males have been made redundant in post-modern Western culture. Women no longer need men as a provider, protector or father of her children;an anonymous semen donor can do the job of creating a baby if a woman so chooses.
Since the 1960s, modern mothers have raised their sons to be women, soaking them in feminine values like accepting responsibility for household chores, being caring, understanding and attentive, and bend to every wish of the woman. This has produced a generation of soft, insecure men, who are out of touch with their masculine nature, identity and strength.
Today, many boys grow up in the home and have no male role models. The average modern Western male has been feminized, with no knowledge or habit of manly virtues like courage, resolve, self-sacrifice, justice, temperance, self-reliance, self-discipline and honour. He has no sense of true expression of manliness. Feminism despises and rejects these virtues, and this has had a profoundly detrimental impact on a European culture, the “battered wife” of a feeble continent." 3.

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 "There has been a recent uptick of books, articles and research studies documenting an endocrinological (or hormone) decline in the general male population. Male infertility can be diagnosed by sperm analysis, blood tests and radiographic scans of the testicles and other tests. Recent analysis shows average testosterone levels receding in men of all ages. In addition, average sperm quality, quantity and even testicle size has seen a marked reduction. Although many theories are presented as to why this is happening, from endocrine disruptors to the feminist movement, to evolutionary biology, researchers ultimately concede that the reason is still unknown." 4. "For a healthy male, typical seminal fluid analysis values should be:  Volume: 2-6 ml Density: 20-200 million/ml Motility: greater than 60% motile  However, according to the ever-increasing literature on sperm counts, these "normal" values are steadily decreasing and only a minute proportion of males will have normal semen values in today's Western industrialized countries in the near future.  Not only are sperm counts decreasing, but also declining are the average sperm volumes which contain a greater proportion of deformed spermatozoa which have reduced motility's." 5. "Professor Niels Skakkebaeck, a Danish scientist, first alerted the world to the possibility of a substantial fall in male fertility levels in 1992. He did this by showing that sperm counts in healthy men appeared to have dropped by more than half in 50 years. Professor Skakkebaeck's work attracted worldwide publicity at first-and then ridicule. He and his team in the Department of Growth and Development in Copenhagen University had reviewed 61 international studies involving 14,947 men between 1938 and 1992. They found that the average sperm count had fallen from 113 million per milliliter in 1940 to 66 million in 1990. In addition, the definition of a "normal" sperm count fell from 60 million  per milliliter to 20 million in the same period. Critics who reanalysed the Danish data pointed out a fundamental flaw in the calculations which, they said, ruled out any significant decline. Subsequent studies have confirmed and strengthened Skakkebaeck's findings.  A survey of 1,350 sperm donors in Paris found a decline in sperm counts by around 2% each year over the past 23 years, with younger men having the poorest-quality semen.  In another another study at the University of Helsinki led by Jarkko Farajarinen, testicular tissued was examined at post-mortem from 528 middle-aged Finnish men who died suddenly in either 1981 or 1991. Among men who died in 1981, 56.4% had normal, healthy sperm production. By 1991, however, this figure had dropped dramatically to 26.9%.  The average weight of men's testes decreased over the decade, while the proportion of useless fibrous testicular tissue increased. Adamopoulos et al in Athens examined 23,850 men between 1977 to 1993 (17 years) and found similar results to Farajarinen. In Edinburgh a recent study by Irwin saw a 25% decrease in sperm over 20 years. The results are shown in table 1 below.  The worrying thing about this downward trend is that a sperm count less than 20 million sperms per ml is interpreted as being infertile.  If this downward trend of counts were to continue, then values less than this will be the average in the next millennium."  6..  Year    Average Sperms Count per ml  Table 1 (from reference 5.)  1950    100 million 1970     75 million 1990     50 million  A more recent American study confirms the decline in male sperm count. The following is the URL of a web page entitled: " Decline in Sperm Count and Mobility in Young Adult Men from 2003 to 2013; Observations from a U.S. Sperm Bank":
 A recent article, dated July 25, 2017, confirms the aforementioned decline in human sperm count.
The name of the article by Kate Kelland is: " Sperm Count Falling Sharply in Developed World, Researchers Say".
The following is a partial quote from the same:

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"Sperm counts in men from America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand have dropped by more than 50 percent in less than 40 years, researchers said on Tuesday.
They also said the rate of decline is not slowing. Both findings -- in a meta-analysis bringing together various studies -- pointed to a potential decline in male health and fertility.
"This study is an urgent wake-up call for researchers and health authorities around the world to investigate the causes of the sharp ongoing drop in sperm count," said Hagai Levine, who co-led the work at the Hebrew University-Hadassah Braun School of Public Health and Community Medicine in Jerusalem." 7.

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 Although it is entirely presumptuous, from a logical and scientific point of view to assume, that the feminist movement and it's sequelae are responsible for the decline in the aforementioned male androgenic biological values, the following facts should not be ignored: 1. The decline in the androgenic biological values began at about the time that feminism gained political power in the West; 2. "Younger men tend to have have the poorest quality semen." 8. (This implies that there is a sociological reason for the decline in androgenic values as older men have had less exposure to feminism and it's sequelae.); 3. " In contrast, no significant decline was seen in South America,Asia, and Africa." 9. (These areas are known to be less influenced by feminism implying that feminism's absence protected the men in these areas from androgenic decline).; 4. Feminism has, as per the aforementioned, one of it's goals the feminization of men. and, 5. Men's rights advocates assert that feminists especially target men who exhibit the masculine virtues for discrimination and oppression (as per the aforementioned).

Thursday, September 4, 2014

"Why Can't a Woman Be More Like a Man?"

The following is the URL of a YouTube video which contains the very humorous song from
the musical "My Fair Lady" entitled "Why Can't a Woman Be More Like a Man?"Why Can't a Woman Be More Like a Man?

President George Washington's "Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation"

The following is the URL of a web page listing President George Washington's "Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation":George Washington's "Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation"

John Paul Jones on the Qualities of the Best Naval Officer

The following is a quote from John Paul Jones, an American Naval Hero of the American Revolution:

Qualifications of a Naval Officer

"It is by no means enough that an officer of the Navy should be a capable mariner. He must be that, of course, but also a great deal more. He should be as well a gentleman of liberal education, refined manners, punctilious courtesy, and the nicest sense of personal honor.

He should be the soul of tact, patience, justice, firmness, kindness, and charity. No meritorious act of a subordinate should escape his attention or be left to pass without its reward, even if the reward is only a word of approval. Conversely, he should not be blind to a single fault in any subordinate, though at the same time, he should be quick and unfailing to distinguish error from malice, thoughtfulness from incompetency, and well meant shortcomings from heedless or stupid.

In one word, every commander should keep constantly before him the great truth, that to be well obeyed, he must be perfectly esteemed."