Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Government and Feminism

The following is a partial quote from "Twenty Four Indicators of Systemic Discrimination Against Men": "The American woman by the 1960s lived in the nation with the world's highest standard of living and owned 65% of the wealth in that nation. Feminists "felt victimized", however, and convinced American women that they are "discriminated against".  Never have they been required to nor been able to produce a shred of statistical evidence to back up that claim.  Twenty one key statistical indicators each illustrate how men have been and are being systematically discriminated against by government fiat.  WEALTH: Women hold 65% of the country's wealth [Fortune Magazine]" 1. " All, too, will bear in mind this sacred principle, that though the will of the majority is in all cases to prevail, (the female voting and numerical majority in related to this book) that will to be rightful must be reasonable; that the minority (male as related to this book) possess their equal rights, which equal law must protect, and to violate would be oppression"- President Thomas Jefferson. 2. The XIX (19th) Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which granted women the right to vote, was passed in 1920. 3. The founders of the USA never intended to have separate and unequal representation and laws within government by gender, race, or religion. 4. However, because of the aforementioned, the precepts and admonitions in the quote of Thomas Jefferson have been abrogated at the behest of feminist organizations such as N.O.W, The Feminist Majority, and other large feminist organizations. Male enfranchisement and voter participation have been on the decline. "Male voting rates have declined sharply since the mid-1960s i.e. the beginning of the Matriarchal social and political construct (feminism).  Between the 1964 and 2000 Presidential elections, the male voting rate declined from 72 to 53 percent. "  5. Because the USA has a winner take all, bought, two party and gerrymandered form of electoral representation, the female absolute and electoral majority has a disproportionately adverse affect on male political representation, male rights, and male equality. The female vote makes up approximately 54-56% of the total in the U.S.A.. 6. "Because there are 11% more female than male voters , males have little to no influence on how the male tax dollar is spent." 7. This results in a political framework that produces a socio-political-economic-legal construct that is essentially matrifocal,gynocentric, and Matriarchal. 8. Men should realize that males as a group are being systematically and politically disenfranchised. Unless males are able to and do respond to this and organize as a group for their own well being and enfranchisement, the Matriarchal system will continue to grow. 9. "The solution would be to remove representation by gender within government altogether or add representation for the male gender. The end goal should be to somehow restore the rights, advocacy, representation and enfranchisement for men, boys, husbands and fathers in society, family, divorce law and governmental policy." 10. Laws that exist in the USA now violate this principle, however. Inclusive of but not limited to the following laws: 1. Affirmative action; 2. Title IX; 3. VAWA; 4.. Divorce Laws; 5. The military draft and combat duty; and, 6. Family and Child custody laws. The United Kingdom, also, has a "winner take all" form of electoral representation. As per the aforementioned, men are discriminated against by law and custom in the UK through the inherent injustices and the tyranny of the feminist and female electoral majority. For example, in the United Kingdom, where there is a Minister for Women, there have been calls for an analogous "Minister for Men." "Lord Northbourne, who made the first parliamentary call for such in 2004, told the BBC that 'if the government feels they need a minister to address women's issues, it should be the same for men.' Northbourne's proposal was presented to the prime minister during prime minister's question the same year.  The proposal was rejected and Northbourne and others argue that such a minister is needed pointing to a relatively poor standard of health for men, Father's rights, male suicide rates, and males under-performing in education compared to females." 11. When women, feminists, and their male supporters use their collective political power in a systematic manner upon the political process, they promulgate "the government husband."  12. "The goal essentially is to nullify the necessity of a husband and father altogether both at the personal level in family and divorce law and at the political level with Federal law." 13. The males who serve the needs of females most are voted into political power and placed into political, economic, cultural, social, and legal positions of power. Women put into political and economic power men who are their surrogates for granting them their unjust privileges while undermining, both by overt and covert means, the just and equitable economic, political, cultural, social, legal, and other rights of men. This is the greatest weapon of feminism. "The goal essentially is to nullify the necessity of husband and father all together at the personal level in family and divorce law and at the political level with Federal law. 14. The same does and has had a disastrous affect on males.  This female gynocentrism became systematic during the political and cultural revolutionary period in the USA during the late 1960's and early 1970's. The civilization that was the USA began to decline very quickly as a result of the same. The female political, economic, cultural, and social dominance and power resulting from the same advocates for the consummation of resources around the well being of females and females alone.  Women seek to create and personify the male within government, a government husband if you will. Another term for the same is "governmental husbandry." 15. Women have not demonstrated that sense of honor, that courage, that self control, and that egalitarian attitude (all traditional male virtues) requisite for stopping this. The systematic destruction of the "social contract", requisite for all societies to function, through the authoritarian, oppressive, and discriminatory use of female political power, consumes and destroys the social, political, and economic system itself. One tragic consequence of the same has been the explosion in the incarceration rate for men in Federal and State prisons from 1925 until 2013..  The same has increased from 149 in 1925 to 904 in 2013, an increase of 723%. 16. The cause and affect of the same on the rates on male incarceration rates and other signs of social, economic, and political decline are quite evident. "In terms of political power, males cannot compete with the homogeneous and gynocentric tendencies of female nature and the related political disposition of it's voting block. Again, we must remember that females are programmed to look after themselves while males are a means to an end for herself and "her" offspring. When you observe the social systems that females build; and, when you observe their behavior within these institutions, this becomes very clear." 17. Female values in such a gynocentric social-political-legal construct become inherently systemic and institutionalized. Male value in such a social-political-legal construct is heavily related to it's "external utility" in furthering the goals of the female construct. This is the natural result of this Matriarchy and female institutionalized power. When a culture is divided accordingly, discord ensues. "Increasingly as the core foundation of the mated pair bond breaks down, we witness disparate representation by socio-political and socio-economic gender class; and,at this point, it is mainly on behalf of women." 18. The natural consequence is a further exacerbation of the initial problem i.e. the breakdown in the male\female mated pair bond and the social structure that facilitates it. We have to understand what women's goals are. The collective actions, political, social, and economic of women have as their ends the massive distribution of societal and governmental resources to themselves. It is to be independent of men. 19. Men, as a result, must become independent as well. In my opinion, as men do become independent from this feminist construct, the same will have disastrous affects on this feminist construct and the tyrannical feminist state that supports the same! Why? In actuality, it is men who support and defend the state and the women who occupy the same. When men abandon their traditional role in support of both women and the state, both will collapse. The feminist construct, the feminist state, and feminist women, therefore, provide the premises for their own denigration and destruction. The traditional male virtues are described in the chapter on Masculinity: "In many cultures, the basic characteristics of masculinity include physical prowess (strength, fitness, and lack of laziness), courage, wisdom, and honorable or righteous behavior. The opposite may be expressed in terms such as unmanly or epicene. 20. A typical near-synonym of masculinity is virility (from Latin vir , man; and the usual compliment is femininity. Cicero wrote that " a man's chief quality is courage." Ancient literature goes back to about 3000 BCE.  It includes both explicit statements of what was expected of men in laws and implicit suggestions in myths involving gods and heroes. In 1000 BCE, The Hebrew Bible states that King David of Israel told his son: " Be strong, and be a man" upon David's death. 21. Scholars suggest integrity and equality as masculine values in male-male relationships and virility in male-female relationships." 22.
Through laws,customs, and feminist dogma, if a male demonstrates any of the traditional male virtues, American women can and will destroy him by lying about abuse, rape, verbal haranguing, anything; and, he can be arrested, prosecuted, and maliciously convicted of a crime. This is the case even if she has a historical pattern of lying because the "system" does not want to take any chances.

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